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Home ImageDr. Kate Ainslie has been working in the field of clinical psychology for nearly 20 years. Her path as a clinician began while working with learning disabled and emotionally disturbed children and adolescents in specialized non-public schools and residential settings. Her work with adults grew from a place of deep understanding of how the life of a child impacts the person they go on to become. Dr. Ainslie has a strong belief in the transformative power of relationship and the particular kind of perspective one gains from a therapeutic alliance. In the safety of the consulting room Dr. Ainslie will take up what is happening in all areas of ones life, in the here-and-now, as well as repeating or developing patterns.

Dr. Ainslie works with adolescents, adults and couples working through a variety of issues from different ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations. In her private practice Dr. Ainslie specializes in treating depression, anxiety and various forms of addiction and eating disorders. Dr. Ainslie is on staff at an intensive psychiatric facility where she treats clients with severe depression, a history of multiple suicide attempts, psychotic symptoms and complex trauma histories. She brings a wealth of clinical expertise from each milieu to serve her clients.

Therapy is as much about the training and skills of the therapist as it is about goodness-of-fit between therapist and patient. Making an initial appointment is the first step.